Jordan Crandell Marketing Consultant


Jordan Crandell

Marketing Consultant

My extensive background and expertise in marketing, operations, software development, analytics, and sales management have collectively molded me into an adept business and marketing consultant. Here’s an overview of how my qualifications make me an expert in these critical areas:

Marketing Automation and Operations: With experience as a Marketing Automation Manager at Vivint, I’ve honed my skills in digital marketing, transactional and promotional email marketing, and SMS marketing. I consistently send out various types of emails/SMS communications every week, achieving high click rates and generating an exponential ROI. My role also includes enhancing the customer experience and reducing support calls, as well as streamlining processes and procedures to reduce errors.

Sales Management: As the Director of Sales at Mazuma USA, I achieved remarkable results, increasing Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), sales, and client retention. I improved the ‘Closed to Paid’ conversions, and significantly reduced the sales cycle duration. Moreover, I successfully helped scale a small, single department team of four into a thriving workforce of 50 employees across three departments.

Analytics: My proficiency in data analytics, including SQL and Tableau, enables me to decipher insights from data and make data-driven decisions. For instance, while working at Chatfunnels, I refined the Marketing Attribution Model, leading to a notable increase in conversions.

Software Development: My experience in software development gives me a unique perspective when it comes to leveraging technology for marketing and operational efficiencies.

SEO and Online Marketing: My tenure as an SEO Development Manager at Sixth Media demonstrates my capability to strategize SEO campaigns that secured top 10 rankings for various keywords. I based these strategies on meticulous keyword and competitor research, resulting in an increase in conversion rates and a significant reduction in bounce rates from.

Organizational Development: Beyond marketing and sales, I possess organizational development skills. I’ve built built businesses and improved sales teams with efficient processes and procedures, significantly increasing total profit.

Education and Certifications: My commitment to continuous learning is evident in my educational background and certifications. I hold certifications in Python and SQL programming, reflecting my dedication to staying current with industry trends and technologies. I studied business at Utah Valley University and I’ve honed my skills through obsessive learning and problem solving.

In summary, my extensive experience and skills across marketing, operations, software development, analytics, and sales management equip me with the multifaceted expertise needed to excel as a business and marketing consultant. I combine strategic thinking, data-driven insights, and a results-oriented approach to help clients achieve their business objectives effectively and efficiently.

Less career focused ‘About’ information

  1. Personal Background: Born in Utah, to a Peruvian mother and American father. I mention my mothers Peruvian-ness because I was raised speaking Spanish and it didn’t matter where we were or who we were with, as a rule, to my parents, we spoke Spanish always. Because of that i’m grateful that I am fluent in Spanish
  2. Education: I attended Utah Valley University and studied business. Like most, the bulk of my learnings have come from real life trial and error. I love data, I believe it’s the future of marketing and business, I love programming, and as you could probably guess due to this site and my own career choices, I love business and marketing. I’ve attended a coding bootcamp, DevMountain right as the pandemic started shutting down the world. Living in provo, I live in-between 2 universities and at the end of every semester it’s easy to find text books that are normally extremely expensive but the students will often donate them to thrift stores (Savers or Deseret Industries) where I can pick them up for around $2.50 and keep my knowledge on Marketing, Business, software engineering, writing etc. up to date.
  3. Work and Career: I am working towards either being Chief Marketing Officer at a company or owning my own business/group of businesses. I currently work at Vivint as a Marketing Automation Manager. My path to marketing started while I was running my own construction business doing concrete and welding. I enjoyed it as a hobby but as a job it was getting rough but I realized I absolutely love the sales process and working with people. From there I went on to do Sales at Vasa Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Progrexion (credit repair) and eventually was hired at Mazuma USA, an accounting firm for small to medium sized businesses. They had some established processes for sales and they were growing their team but the owners were extremely willing to let people try new things. Through experimentation we established processes and training that took each sales person from an average of 4 sales a WEEK to 10 a DAY. Feeling like I had proved to myself that I knew what I was doing I left Mazuma only to come back shortly after as a Sales director where I performed, coaching, leadership training and improving sales processes in ways that would increase revenue exponentially. From this job, and critically thinking about how to increase revenue without increasing expenses I realized the value of Marketing and have become obsessed with creating and automating the acquisition of qualified leads for sales teams. Coming from sales I understand exactly how to prep a lead to shorten the sales cycle, and close as soon as they’re presented with the opportunity to buy. Even before my construction company I worked at Doterra where I was responsible fro writing and maintaining all of the standard operating procedures for the company. This experience gave me insights on how the different departments and areas of the company work together. Because I was responsible for documenting everything, business process became as familiar to me as the back of my hand. From here I would go on to work at a couple of other places writing SOP’s. Seeing how different companies work from beginning to end and learning how to organized and document everything has likely been the most valuable lesson I’ve learned. It gave me the foundation to create processes and organizations that are efficient and produce consistent quality. With a background and obsession with computers, financial minimalism and building processes I love learning to do everything myself, because if I can’t do it myself, how can i be sure I understand it at all.
  4. Hobbies and Interests: I love Mountain Biking, Chess, lifting weights, and learning about business and marketing.

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  7. Goals and Aspirations: Talk about your short-term and long-term goals, both personal and professional. What do you hope to achieve in the future?
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  16. Fun Facts: Throw in some fun and quirky facts about yourself that might surprise or entertain others.


As a seasoned business and marketing consultant, my extensive qualifications and experiences uniquely position me as an expert in the field. With a strong emphasis on SEO optimization, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Marketing Expertise: I possess a deep understanding of Marketing Analytics, enabling me to define success, uncover opportunities, and craft data-driven strategies. My proficiency spans various marketing channels, including Email, SMS, Direct Mail, SEO, Websites, and Paid Advertising, demonstrating my comprehensive knowledge of modern marketing techniques.

Sales Mastery: My capabilities extend to sales, where I excel in closing deals while fostering trust and rapport with customers. I excel at connecting with prospects at the right time and place. Additionally, my proficiency in call coaching, script writing, team building, and sales process auditing has consistently boosted sales performance.

Organizational Development Acumen: I have a proven track record in organizational development. I specialize in building self-sufficient organizations, enhancing consistency, and increasing efficiency. My ability to establish clear expectations and standards, coupled with my experience in developing training programs and leadership training, exemplifies my expertise in shaping successful organizations.

Strategic Thinking: My strategic thinking skills are evident in my ability to define success, identify opportunities, and create clear pathways to achieve objectives. I’m meticulous in documenting processes through written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), ensuring organizational consistency and clarity.

Adaptability: My diverse background highlights my adaptability in navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. I stay up-to-date with industry trends, master new marketing technologies, and customize strategies to meet each client’s unique needs.

Results-Oriented: With a track record of tangible accomplishments, I consistently deliver results, whether it’s boosting revenue, enhancing brand visibility, or optimizing organizational efficiency.

Client-Centric Focus: My client-centric approach involves tailoring strategies to each client’s specific goals. I excel at conveying complex concepts in an easily understandable manner.

In summary, my qualifications as a business and marketing consultant, coupled with my SEO optimization expertise, make me the ideal partner to help you achieve your business goals in today’s competitive landscape.